Sharing Applications with Specific Users

If you want to share an application with other users, but aren’t yet ready to make the application fully public, this can be accomplished through app sharing.

On the application screen, click the “Memberships” tab next to Jobs, Spec, and Comments.

Adding Users

The Sharing tab allows you to select other users by their Mosaic username. They will receive read permission for the current revision of the application. Authorized users will be able to view the application under the “Shared” tab from their Tools page.

Authorized users are not able to make edits to the application; only the Administrator for the application has edit permission. Authorized users may, however, fork the app to create a new copy for themselves. This forked version may be edited.

Note that authorized users will only have view permission for the app revisions to which they are added. If an app has six different revisions, and an authorized user is added to revision five, that user will not be able to view or access the other, private revisions.

Please also note that, for reproducibility purposes, authorized users cannot be removed from a revision. This prevents workflows being broken by a shared application no longer being available.

Publicly Releasing an Application

Clicking the “Make this app public” button will publicly release an application and make it usable by all members of Mosaic. All members of Mosaic will be able to view and run the application. Other members will not, however, be able to see the code of the application or access its assets.

Clicking the “Make this app open source” button will make the code of an application visible to all authorized users. Other users are not able to edit the code of the application, but they may view the code and can fork the application to create their own copy.

Clicking both of these buttons releases an application as open source, making the application available to all users, who can also view the application’s code and fork it for their own purposes.

Please note that neither of these actions can be undone. Once the source code of an app is released, or once an app has been made public, this step cannot be reversed.