Challenge hosts

Janssen Research & Development, LLC provides the vision, strategy, and design of Mosaic community challenges to seek answers to specific questions that are intended to speed the translation of science into novel products.

Aside from their metabolic modeling and metagenomic analysis services, The BioCollective hosts a diverse and well-characterized stool sample bank, complete with one of the largest matching metagenomic data sets on the market. Their BioCollectorâ„¢ whole stool collection kit was the driving force behind the collection, processing, and optimization of the stool for the MOSAIC Standards Challenge.

To ensure MOSAIC challenge data are interpreted robustly, preparation and delivery of uniform reference material is critical. To eliminate variability due to microbial growth and nucleic acid degradation, DNA Genotek has contributed its OMNIgene•GUT stabilization chemistry to the MOSAIC work-flow. The OMNIgene product line of collection kits have been validated to preserve unbiased microbial community composition and nucleic acid integrity at ambient temperature for months.