We have updated the cumulative score calculation for the Assembly results to reflect the method used for the Profiling score calculation. The total score for an Assembly submission is the weighted average fo the Genome Fractions for each Dataset, using the weights described here

Mosaic Community Challenge: Strains #1 is now closed. We're reviewing the results and will make them available to the submitters for review. Results will be made available to all participants in 3-4 weeks.

We have extended the Strains #1 Challenge to March 30th, so that participants may finish their work.

The Strains #1 Challenge had been extended until March 21st, 2018, 11:59pm Eastern Time.

After further analysis of the Real (Biological) Training Dataset, we have re-classified some genomes and removed those strains that did not engraft. Additionally, we have regenerated the Simulated High Complexity dataset in order to remove a strain with a fragmented reference genome that we indavertently included in the original dataset.

We have made some modifications to the Participation Rules based on feedback from early beta users.