Over the last few years, there has been a rapid expansion in microbiome research, fueled by the improvement of sequencing technologies and the realization of the important roles played by microbial communities in human health and environmental systems. This research has been enabled by the development of computational methods for the analysis of metagenomic data. However, the accessibility of these methods to researchers has been limited by the size of raw sequencing data and the scale of resources needed by computational tools. Additionally, the rapid pace of method development in microbiome research has created the need for the adoption of standards and unbiased evaluation of method performance.

Mosaic strives to address these challenges in microbiome research by providing a cloud-based platform for the analysis of metagenomic data. It also provides a space for the administration of challenge competitions that aim to push the boundaries of microbiome research and promote the adoption of standards and best practices.


Mosaic is:

  • a secure and scalable cloud platform that provides a space for scientists to develop new or run established bioinformatic applications and pipelines.
  • a framework for community building by enabling data sharing, collaboration and discussion.
  • a portal for administration of challenges that enables the scientific community to compare and benchmark metagenomic analysis tools in a transparent manner.

Mosaic has been developed and is maintained by DNAnexus Inc., a leader in cloud bioinformatics. DNAnexus has extensive experience in building secure and scalable platforms that enable computational analyses of biological data on the cloud.